Self Starters: Back to Beauty Basics with Maria Brown

interview by Jay Wen

Self starters is a series that feature individuals who promote healthy habits through education, food, gardening, and more. 

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Maria Brown is a cosmetologist, make up artist, hair stylist, manicurist and educator for almost two decades. I had the pleasure of meeting Maria at a photo shoot and we got to talking about natural beauty rituals. She shares some beauty tips with us to beat the winter blues and get healthier skin and hair.



What simple beauty regimes have you adopted to keep your own skin looking beautiful, clear and fresh?

First start with cleansing your body from the inside and out, take the proper vitamins for your age and what your body needs. I drink lots of water, cranberry juice. I clean my face with hypoallergic skin care and I use spf all year around to protect my skin from the rays.

Seasonal changes can have a huge effect on our skin. Right now my winter skin is dry and itchy and I have tried so many different lotions and potions. What are some tips for helping keep our skin healthy throughout each season?

One of the things we can do is eat veggies that provide nourishment (dark leafy greens, and generally foods that are red and orange color like tomatoes, carrots, red and orange peppers ). Perform facials and exfoliate to remove the old skin, use facial wash or body wash (not soap because it leaves a residue) and skincare lotion that is moisturizing and has sun protection.  

There are an endless amount of beauty products available in the world now, but you know as a make up artist, they are not all created equal, good for us or our skin. What do you think we should be mindful of when purchasing products?


The skin on our body is all different so it requires different skin care. For your body, use body cream, for hands use hand cream, and eye cream for your eyes.


Use the proper shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate free so it doesn't strip your hair from its natural oils and the color doesn't fade. In between washes use dry shampoo to refresh your hair until the next wash.

Don't use wool hats as it dries your hair out and hair begins to fall, instead use a wool blends. Cotton bedding also dries your hair out you can use a silk of satin scarf at night.


For the hands you can use hand cream/oil and wear cotton gloves provides rejuevantion to the hand nails and cuticle. 

What is an easy beauty treatment we can do at home?

Egg facial: helps tighten the face and neck area.

The egg whites decrease the redness in the skin, gives you a glow and closes the pores.




1. Separate egg white and egg yolk. You can beat the egg white for easier application.

2. Beginning at the neck, move upwards towards the chin and face area. Be careful around the eyes. 

3. Wait until the egg dries and you will feel your face tighten.  

4. Rinse your face with warm water and then cold water. Pat dry. Do not rub or drag on your skin.  

5. Put an eye cream and moisturizer face and neck.  


Lastly, are you currently working on anything exciting that you want to share with us?

I was published on People Magazine with Savannah and Hoda from the the Today Show. I did the manicure on Savannah for the shoot.

Getting ready for New York Fashion Week with Ralph Lauren and BCBG!


Thanks for sharing these beauty tips with us Maria! 

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