Adopt A Habit: 3 Ways for Plastic Free Grocery Shopping


One way to avoid plastic and plastic packaging is to avoid picking it up in the first place. 

According to EPA, 1 trillion(!) plastic bags are discarded every year! That number is scary and at the rate we are going, we will be swimming in plastics soon.

But don't panic just yet... we have 3 simple ways to help you minimize buying plastics while grocery shopping.



At my local Whole Foods there is a bulk section where I can fill up my cloth bags with grains, pastas, nuts, etc. with a cotton bag. The cloth bags are way lighter and more convenient than glass containers. If you are looking for a bulk store near you, check this bulk finder app!


skip the BAGGING.

I was at the check out line and the person in front of me had bags on bags on bags and it made me cringe. Your vegetables and fruits will be perfectly fine if they are not individually bagged. That plastic bag you use is likely to be used once and tossed away or stuffed in another plastic bag. Don't be fooled even if the bag says it is made from recycled resources. You wash your food before you eat it anyway. Bagging produce is just an unnecessary step/habit we've formed and adds to waste. 

Bring your own reusable bag. You may have a tote bag you got that's lying around or a backpack that you can use. Some grocery stores also sell reusable bags at check out. 



If you have to buy something that comes in a container, choose a paper or glass option instead of plastic if it is possible. Choose a material can be recycled, or even better up-cycled in a project! I know you have a glass jar that's waiting to be up-cycled into a terrarium! Check this post here for some inspiration. 


These are just 3 simple ways to eliminate unnecessary plastics. I know some things we have to buy are packaged in plastic and we can’t avoid it. Instead of feeling bad about buying it, find ways to make it yourself. You may find the process to be even more satisfying that you made it and you can even customize it to the way you like it. 

To give you an idea, if you loooove ricotta cheese but it only comes in plastic, we have an easy DIY for you here. You'll be in heaven in less than an hour.