Adopt A Habit: Waste Free Water Filters

images & words by Jay Wen

I had a really nice water carafe that I loved. The design of the carafe was sleek, modern and aesthetically pleasing. But what I didn't like were the plastic water filters that had to be changed out every 2 months at $10 a pop and the filters could not be recycled or composted. So after the carafe broke, I looked into other ways of getting clean water without the extra plastic that comes with the filters and I came across this Kishu charcoal stick.

According to the company, Kishu, "Japanese binchotan charcoal from Kishu, Japan is the highest grade; Absorbs impurity from water - resulting in pure, great tasting water."

Before using the charcoal stick, boil it in water for 10 minutes and then let it dry (boil it once a every month for 3 months). Boiling the stick reactivates the charcoal and allows it to absorb chlorine and other chemicals and it also softens the water. After it's 3 month life cycle, the charcoal stick can be broken down in smaller pieces and added to soil and plants.

If you want to give this charcoal stick a try for waste free water filtering, buy it here