Adopt A Habit: Drink More Tea

Words and images by Jay Wen

Tea has had a long history tracing all the way back to China, 2737 B.C.E. by Emperor Shen Nong. It has been rumored that the Emperor accidentally discovered tea while boiling water underneath a camellia tree when a leaf fell into the boiling water, infusing it with its delicate flavor. Since then, tea has been a beverage adopted across the world and across cultures. 

There are a variety of different teas and tea blends to choose from that can benefit your health or simply for leisure. 

Benefits from drinking teas:  teas contain anti-oxidents, they can help give you an energy boost when you need it or calm you down, releive pain, can help boost your immune system when you are sick, reduce the risk of heart attack.. and more.

A few favorites from my pantry are chamomile, rooiboois, and summer rose. 

Whenever I feel a little sick I choose to fight it off with my tea pantry before I go for the pharmaceuticals. Drinking an addition 2-3 cups a day to keep hydrated and drinking tea that specifically targets my symptoms usually help the sickness go away. 

What are your favorite teas or tea blends? 

Here are a few I've tried in the past:
Porto Rico Coffee, a bulk coffee and tea shop in NYC with 2 locations.