Adopt A Habit: Get a Reusable Bottle

We have all drank water out of plastic bottles at one point or another in our lives. They appear to be convenient, clean and safe but what you don't know is hurting you and the environment!  Just to name a few concerns: plastic can leech into your water, only a small portion of plastic bottles are recycled or are recyclable, (there are different types of plastics and only some are recyclable) and it takes 200+ years for plastic to decompose. 

If you are curious about the damages of how much waste and pollution plastic bottles produce, here is how plastic bottles effect our oceans and here are some statistics and facts about the pollution. 

Are you ready to make the switch yet? Check out the three options we've selected. 


$12.99 | I currently have this glass bottle. I am a huge tea drinker so this is great for tea on-the-go. It also comes with a sleeve. There is also an option without the infuser which is a little cheaper. 

$15.44 | This stainless steel bottle is very easy to clean and it's also lightweight. This particular style comes with a leak resistant sports cap. 

$14.29 | This pretty glass tumbler has a silicon slip to prevent slipping and a straw for those who prefer to sip. 

P.S. - Are you looking for a water filter? We've got you covered! 


This charcoal filter is a great alternative to plastic filters and will fit right into your reusable water bottle.