Mother’s Day Eco-Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is next week! Celebrate with your mama, grandma, aunt, or other lady figures that have made a positive impact on your life. 

Here are a few eco-friendly gifts that your mom will love.


Aesop London Kit $70 - whether your mother is a world traveler or not, she will enjoy this kit as it will take care of her from head to toe. Aesop makes beautiful natural products formulated with plant based goodness. 



Lavender Candle, $36 Help mom relax with this lavender candle. Lavender is commonly used to help with anxiety, depression and stress relief. This candle is made with soy wax which is made from soybeans. It has a clean burn and produces less black soot (most candles are made from paraffin which emits toxic fumes) and it lasts longer because soy wax burns slower.

Bonus: This candle also comes with the plant’s seeds so she can plant them in a container or directly in the garden! 


Tea Sample Kit, $40 A nice way to begin or end the day is with a nice warm cup of tea. This herbal organic tea kit has many delicious samples for mom to try. 


Cloth Napkins, $16 Has your mom switched over to using napkins yet? If not, get her a set to help her reduce waste. She won’t even miss the paper napkins after this switch.