Citizen Science: The Central Park Flora Project

We were invited to join Regina Alvarez, an ecologist and professor at Queensborough College and Daniel Atha, a botanical researcher from New York Botanic Garden on a flora identification project in Central Park. 

The project first started from a BioBlitz event in summer 2010 to identify spontaneous plant species that were not originally planted by Central Park Conservancy. These plants may have found their way into the park by nature -seeds carried by wind or by animals or they could be planted by park go-ers on purpose. Here is what we did the last time we joined them. 

We always learn so much from ecology and botany experts... like this tid bit - in 1890, a lover of Shakespeare, Eugene Schiffelin imported 60 European Starling birds from England to New York. A lot of the birds died because they were not able to adapt to the new environment, however the ones that survived, thrived. The birds thrived up to the point where they are now considered invasive. I have seen a few European Starlings in the Eco-Urban garden from time to time. They are beautiful black iridescent birds, about 5-7" inches or so. 

To see more of what Regina and Daniel have done so far this year click this link

If you're interested in joining in the next plant hunt, please email us!