Bottega Organica's Nourishing Body Oil

Bottega Organica is a natural skincare line using 100% organic plant extracts for anti-aging benefits. 

I bought the Nourishing Body Oil in orange scent and it feels so soft and silky when I put it on. The texture in oils feels way more luxurious than lotion. The light orange scent is also nice - I love that it isn't heavy and overpowering.

I had been meaning to visit the Bottega Organica store after dining at Quartino several times and the paper placemat has Bottega Organica's information on it. Because of Quartino's philosophy in natural, organic food and health, I knew their promotion of Bottega Organica was also a part of the same mission. 

Their products include oils, serums, balms, dual-action formulas, soaps and mists - check them out here