Adopt A Habit: Reuse Gray Water


What is gray water?  
Gray water is used water from sinks, baths, washing machines, and other kitchen appliances. Often times gray water that is lightly used can be reused for other purposes. 

For example, I save gray water from washing vegetables (I use my salad spinner to hold the water) and sometimes from the shower (from when I push the button to switch from the shower head to the shower faucet, water usually comes out of that).

While there is no huge concern of drought in NYC, I still want to be conscious of my personal water usage. If I can reuse it for something else like watering plants, why not? I make sure that the water is still clean and that I have not used any cleaning products in the water. 

I have a few of these glass milk jars and I will store them in there with the lid on. I try to use the water within 2-3 days in case there is any bacteria forms if it sits around too long. 

Those are just a couple of ways I reuse gray water. Here is some more  information about gray water usages.