Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

In April we took a second visit to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge to do some field research and see if there was any further hurricane Sandy related degradation from our trip last year. 

So far it does not look like any restoration has begun since the damage sustained during the hurricane.  Although we were told there may be some efforts in the spring.  There were more birds than we saw last year however after talking to some of the veterans that have been coming for the top rated bird-watching site for decades, the birds have diminished severely since after the Sandy storm. Many are worried the birds are not being properly considered.  We are now looking into how we can collaborate to bring an eco-park to help restore the habitat for the wildlife.  

During this trip we recorded the vegetation that came back this year, the type of birds that had successfully returned, and observed the breached pond to visually get an idea of how and why the damage was so severe. 

We are planning to go back several times if you are interested in supporting the cause- hopefully we will be able to make out what the vegetation is and see if any new birds are coming back.  In time we should be able to create the safe space the government promised to provide when creating the National Parks.