3 Lessons Learned in Gardening this Year

We began gardening in the marina garden in mid-July which is already a little late into the growing season, but here are a few lessons I've learned this year:

Salvage it:

You may have accidentally neglected your plants - forgetting to water them on scorching hot days or maybe there's a pest eating away at the leaves. It happens, don't be discouraged! There is always a way to fix the problem to get the plants back to healthy and happy. Spend a little time to research what exactly you can do to fix it. It will be rewarding in the end. 

Move it:

Sometimes plants don't always thrive in the places we put them. I learned to move potted plants around to get them the right environment they need.

Repot it: Repotting is best done in the Spring and the Fall. Refreshing the soil can give your plant a nice boost that it needs and it is a good opportunity to upgrade the pot size if necessary.  Keep the newly repotted plant in the shade for a few days so the plant can adjust to the new soil and keep the soil moist. 

Eat it:

If the fruit or vegetable is not rotten, eat it! Growing food takes a lot of time, energy and effort. Don't discard the produce just because it is not cosmetically perfect. Imperfections are natural, not poisonous. If the plant takes 45 days (or more!) days to grow, don't throw away your hard work. At the very least, if it's inedible - compost it!