Have You Ever Considered Eco-Fashion?

Instead of scouring the usual brands or stores I shop for some new fall wardrobe additions, I did some research on eco-friendly and affordable fashion brands. Eco-conscious fashion is slowly but surely becoming more popular. 

My style has become a little bit more toned down with less crazy patterns and items in colors that I only bought at the spur of the moment. Now my closet consists of more neutral tones and I have been going for more of a classic style, which as they say does not go out of style. 

Of course I love all the options and trends that the contemporary fashion brands offer but I also like supporting brands and companies that are pushing for the eco-fashion and hope that eventually eco-fashion will be as mainstream as the fashion out there now.  

Here are a few brands I found to be reasonably priced and eco-friendly. 


 Great for basics. 

Great for basics.