PS 126/MAT Progress Report

We came to PS 126/MAT to check on the raised beds between the SIP (sub-irrigated planter) earlier in October and the traditional raised beds. 


The students learned and understood that because there was a reservoir for the SIP bed, the growth was better in comparison to the traditional bed. 


After measuring the seedlings, the students broke up in teams to complete other projects which included loosening the soil for bulb planting, planting bulbs and building another small version of SIP in plastic tubs. 


Working together, some of the students loosened the soil and the others dug holes to plant the bulbs. The bulbs they planted this year were daffodils and tulips. 


Following the same idea as we did with the SIP, we made a smaller version. We repurposed used plastic bottles and plant trays, cut holes in the center of them (this will act as the reservoir). Afterwards we put landscaping fabric that will sit between the the soil and the reservoir. We cut a small hole for the plastic bottle to go through (we will use the water bottle opening to fill up water inside. 


The soil is filled up to 2 inches to the top and then we filled it up with water and planted seeds. 

It was a fun work day and the students can't wait for Spring to come!