Upgrade to Eco-Friendly Grooming Products


After learning that skin absorbs what is applied onto it, I have been more cautious in the products that I use for my skin and overall grooming care.

There are a number of really great products for health and grooming that are safe to use and also eco-friendly. Some sections of pharmacies and home good stores carry eco-friendly brands. 

One thing I changed about my routine about a year ago is switching over to all eco-friendly products for hair and skin care. 

For example, I started using Avalon Organics in peppermint scent. I found that the scents in this brand are usually very natural and soothing (I have tried lavender and lemon also). I liked that Avalon Organics has no animal testing for their products and their bottles are made 100% with recycled materials. 

A couple of brands I really like are Burt's Bees and Avalon Organics. Both companies are being environmentally responsible and having great natural products.

After I discovered VitaCost.com, a website that carries a ton of different products for healthy living, I have never needed to shop anywhere else for grooming products again. The website provides a breakdown of product information as well as indicates NO animal testing with a leaping bunny icon.