PS 126 MAT

In late September of 2013, we stopped by PS 126 in the lower east side, a public school for children Pre-K to 8th Grade.


We met with Ms. Chu who teaches computer science and technology at the school. She also puts in a lot of hard work at the school garden, that is an after school program. She reminds us that "technology" is not always something that pertains to the only digital age, but engineering gardens and growing greens is also considered technology. 

While we were there, we helped her with assembling two greenhouses.  

This is the two greenhouses side by side with openings on both sides. The photos shows you are looking through two greenhouses. 

We opened up the greenhouse which is a plastic material. There are sticks that we insert into the greenhouse with velcro closings to make the frame.   

photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG

Because we live in an urban environment, sometimes there are rats and squirrels that could dig up from underneath the ground into the greenhouse so we laid an extra piece of plastic on the bottom as well as bricks to prevent mischief. 

The greenhouse will be used during the fall and winter seasons when the weather gets cooler. 

However, there are some issues Ms. Chu has to troubleshoot as the location of the garden is not the most ideal - there is not that much sun and there is no water source. And this is where the technology comes in! 

Ms. Chu has done a lot of research how to make her garden as low maintenance as possible yet still have high performance. In the next couple months, we will assist with building SIP's (sub-irrigated planter). Since there is no water supply directly to the garden, she is also thinking about ways to collect rain water for the plants. It will be a busy year as her goal is to make the garden an "all season" garden. 

There are a lot of exciting projects in the works.