Urban Gardens: Kingsborough Community College Urban Farm Summer Edition

A few weeks ago we visited Kingsborough Community College's urban farm. Tucked away, it seems like it is the school's best kept secret. 

Once we arrived we saw a lot with raised beds full of vegetables, herbs and some flowers around the plant beds to encourage pollinators. 

Mara Gittleman, the farm coordinator greeted us and spoke about the programs that were offered at the school. She sometimes is able to merge her cooking course with the farming course together by using vegetables and herbs from the farm and also composting in the garden from the cooking class. 


At the end of our visit, we were offered extra vegetables like an enormous cabbage (I've never seen a cabbage so big), carrots and cucumbers. We even got introduced to a new fruit, ground cherries. 

As urban farming is becoming such a popular topic for discussion, Jason, who teaches Environmental Politics and is also the Program Advisor for the New Global and Environmental Studies Program at KBCC will try to merge classes with Mara and hopefully that can bring more buzz to the farm from students as well as the public. 

Future programs are being discussed such as holding farmer's market. There is also a program in place already to sell vegetables to low income families a lower prices. Other programs may include how to start an urban garden as well as how to compost.