Sustainability for a Global Future

Jason Leggett


"the task of teaching intelligent world citizenship seems to vast that it is tempting to throw one's hands up and say that it cannot be done." 

Martha Nussbaum Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities

        As a Millennial, Educator, Researcher, and Artist I understand the global nature of many of our most urgent modern problems. Like many educators I am concerned with how we confront pressing global challenges of climate change, health, and security in crowded environments.  What is more I believe these problems are uniquely integrated as economic and cultural forces of globalization and information continue to press antiquated systems into the 21st century.  But as the contemporary philosopher, Slavoj Zizek, points out - the fundamental nature of the commons, a space in which no one is left out in the decision making process, is a problem that encompasses all others.  Another philosopher, Martha Nussbaum urges us to consider the past, and in particular the liberal arts, when contemplating where we are to go in the future.  Building on these concepts Eco-Urban seeks to create a space where all are welcome to examine the interrelationships of art, commerce, global citizenship, and modern challenges with the express purpose of working toward sustainable solutions.  We firmly believe this includes all people who are given a meaningful choice in how to best participate in these challenges.  

       On this page we will provide community based action research and resources for resilient communities that stem from problems and questions involving global and environmental systems.  We hope to provide materials and interactive workshops for community building strategies for sustainable, inclusive economic growth and emergency preparation particularly for communities in the most vulnerable climate change areas identified and studied using geographic information systems (GIS) applications and field research.   We hope you join our efforts to create a safe, positive space where we can discuss and collaboratively design action frameworks and solutions in your area.