Do It Yourself: Seed Bombs for Guerilla Gardening

Spring is alllllmost here! Something fun to do to celebrate Spring is to plant something. 

Plants produce oxygen. We need to breathe oxygen. So it makes sense to PLANT something right? Living in an urban area like New York City, there aren't many plants on the sidewalks or underneath the tree pits. A little flower patch would be pleasant to look at AND it can also provide food for birds, bees and other insects.

Now you can guerilla garden in your neighborhood, an abandoned lot or anywhere else that needs a little green life! 

MATERIALS (affiliate links - we source the good stuff so you don't have to!)

Seeds: Help bees, butterflies and other pollinators by sowing wildflower seeds. They will thank you and wherever you toss your seeds, it will be much livelier with them buzzing around.

Colorful & Carefree Annual Wildflower mix

Butterfly & Hummingbird Wildflower mix



1. Get a piece of moist clay.

2. Flatten the piece of clay into a small circle. 

3. Put your choice of seeds into the center of the clay.

4. Fold circle in half and then half again.

5. Roll into a ball and VOILA, your own seed bomb! 

6. Go out and throw some seed bombs around. Check back every now and again to see if anything has sprouted. 

There will be higher success rate if placed in areas with existing soil, and even higher success rate if you water the seed bombs.

Thanks to our friend Lindsey Crafter for helping us demo this fun and easy DIY.