Beginner's Guide to Houseplants for the Urban Home

I have met plenty of people who've told me, "I have a black thumb and I can't keep anything alive."  Some plants can be tricky indoors with the limited amount of light in our apartments. Two things to keep in mind when buying a houseplant is to find one that fits your lifestyle; do you like watering plants or are you forgetful and want something you can neglect? The second thing is to find the right spot for the plant to thrive.

If you know you won't be conistent with watering plants, choose plants that are lower maintenance or even consider growing plants in water so you can see the water level and water as needed. 

Here is a short list of resilient plants I've had for over 5 years. They've accompanied me on multiple moves and lived in both indoor and outdoor environments. These plants are common and can be found in many local plant stores. 

Plant Care

How can you tell if the plant is thirsty? First, touch the soil with your fingers and press down a little. If the top of soil is dry when you press down, give it a drink. Other ways you can tell if the plant needs care are droopy leaves or dry yellow/brown leaves.

Remove the brown or yellow leaves to keep the plant looking healthy and it will also help redirect the energy into the existing and new leaves.

Choose one to two plants to start with and find the right location for it according to the care instructions. Once you get the hang of it, you'll want to add more and more plants!