Mushroom Farm Kit

A couple of weeks ago I tried out this mushroom growing kit from Back to the Roots. I have never grown mushrooms before but this experiment is pretty fascinating (and fun!).

Open the box and take out the mushroom spores. 
Cut an X shape opening through the plastic. 
Soak the spores and put something heavy on top of it. 
Take out the spores, let it dry off a bit and put it back in the box.
Spray daily and watch mushrooms grow!

I followed the instructions and it took about a week for the mushrooms to emerge. 

*After you are done harvesting mushrooms from one side you can turn over and repeat on the other side for more mushrooms.*

The packaging on the box also includes recipes on how to cook these oyster mushrooms and I can't wait to try it out. This growing kit is a great introduction to learn how to growing your own food. It is also great for kids! 

Buy your own kit here: 


For more info, the video below is about how these two guys came up with the idea on growing mushrooms in old coffee grounds.