Kingsborough Community College Compost Project

We participated in KCC's Compost Project with the Environmental Politics class. 

The students were split into four groups. All the separate projects each group worked on all tied back to the same goal - compost.  

The groups formed as follows: Eco-Gaming & Compost, New Compost Pile, Active Compost Pile, and Bed Removal. 

Eco-Gaming & Compost Team

Taking this Eco-Conscious Game and turning it into a Compost Game, the students in this team were given food scraps and other remains of foods and put them into the appropriate disposals. 


New Compost Pile Team

This team was in charge of creating a new compost bed by forming alternate layers of dried leaves and food scraps stacked as high as possible. It is left there for a couple of weeks and then mixed to help activate the pile and the decomposition process.  


Active Compost Pile Team 

Kitchen scraps are provided for composting through the culinary class at KCC. After the class is finished, the waste is brought to the urban farm. The job of the active compost team is to mix up the existing compost from weeks prior to help the process of the decomposition. The pile pictured is only two weeks old. Most of it has turned from vibrant food scraps to a dark brown color and eventually into soil. 


Bed Removal Team

This team was in charge of taking out the tomato plants from the bed as well as the frames. There were still some green tomatoes on the vines that have not ripened which Mara and Sylvia at the Urban Farm plan to pickle. There are always ways to preserve food when there is an abundance of it! The remainder of the vines went into the compost. 

The class had a chance to get their hands dirty and see a little bit about how composting works.