Kingsborough Community College Urban Farm Autumn Edition

Since we had such a great time visiting KCC Urban Farm in the summer, we had to go back to check out what was going on for the autumn. 

As I got there, Mara was already smoking peppers and tomatoes. It smelled amazing!  


There were loads and loads of vegetables, and peppers and tomatoes ripening all around. Some plants were going to seed. It was prime harvest time! 


This time around I got introduced to a really amazing plant called "lemon basil." Lemon basil plant tastes exactly what it sounds like, the perfect combination of lemon and basil! I picked a bunch and made a cold brew tea and it was delicious. 

As you can see it is starting to seed from the stem that goes up and little white flowers. Once the flowers dry, the seed forms inside. These plants usually self sow.  

This was such a nice visit to see everything thriving and ready to be freshly picked and eaten. Until next time!