About eco-urban

Eco-Urban is a magazine and garden based in Brooklyn, NY. 

Eco Urban Magazine is an online environmental magazine for sustainable living in the modern world.

We provide resources and workshops with all communities for a sustainable, ecological future. We believe in global citizenship and the positive impact of interactive technology in the advancement of science and the humanities to create a space where the environmental challenges we face today may be studied and discussed. 

We aim to bridge the current gap between research and practice by focusing on culture, food, gardening and urban farming as a praxis toward an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Eco-Urban Garden
South Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215

The Eco-Urban garden is a completely redesigned permaculture garden and is meant to be sustainable, productive and enjoyed year-round. The garden serves as a model on what can be done to live a greener life in an urban environment. 

We offer eco-workshops, events and seasonal dinners at the Eco-Urban garden from April through September.




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